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About Us

Everything You Do Today, Shapes Your Future Tomorrow

We are committed to educating, motivating, and empowering others to move better so they can live better. 

Seven Sages uses innovative and fun ways to get people to make wellness a part of their everyday lives. 

Our classes are effective as they integrate structure, movement and breath for whole body restoration. 

Through regular cultivation of your body and your breath you will be able to 

clear your mind and heart, 

strengthen your body while restoring movement of the spine, 

and awaken your inner power.

Palmer, Alaska

We're located just 10 minutes North of Downtown Palmer.

Everyone is welcome...no experience necessary.  

Our Promise to You

We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. 

We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness. 


Our Services

Healing Sessions

These sessions are personalized and performed by both Jay and Jenn. 

They utilize techniques both on and off the body that remove blockages at the deepest level. 

What to expect: 

  • Consultation - A necessity for evaluating the body’s conditions. Jay & Jenn are experienced at identifying physical/structural and energetic conditions the body is showing that need to be addressed.
  • Personalized Therapies: Healing Session/Energywork and Qigong customized to individual treatment.


Internal Martial Arts & Qigong

Our Internal Martial Arts Classes are offered on a daily basis. 

All Qigong forms are taught in workshops offered throughout the year. 

Through both our qigong (pronounced chee-gung) and internal martial arts classes we are able to offer you powerful movement practices to stretch and strengthen your body, restore movement of the spine, and awaken your vitality. 

Birth Chart Consultations

Receive a birth chart consultation using Chinese astrology and cosmology to discover how to be the fullest expression of Who You Truly Are. 

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Seven Sages

7250 N Evergreen St., Palmer, AK 99645

(907) 231-7733


M-Th: 7am - 8:30pm

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